1) Is it safe?

Yes, all of our units are made with the highest quality materials and far exceed the relevant safety standards in the Industry. Users do need to be strapped into the correct size harness at all times and these are attached to shock-cords at either end.

2) Are they profitable?

Yes, and we have shown the earning potentials below and as can clearly be seen it will not take long to recoup your initial Investment.










3) Do you provide training?

We provide on-site training throughout the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and can also provide the same on-site training within one of our units here in Ireland. On-site training is available throughout Mainland Europe subject to an additional cost. All our units come with full instruction details and we also have detailed YouTube videos that show the whole process from start to completion.

4) How high can you jump?

That depends on the experience of the User and which one of our units they are on and our Human Catapult reaches heights of App 14 Mtrs (45.9 Ft).

5) What age do you have to be to use the units?

We say a minimum age of 18 months old and they can be used by adults of all ages (depending on their level of fitness).

6) What weight to the user have to be?

Again it depends on what unit is being used must most of our units can be used by users weighing between 9 kilos (1 stone 6 pounds) right up to 100 kilos (15 stone 10 pounds). The amount of shock-cords used are dependent on the weight of the users.

7) Is there a user height requirement?

No, there is no minimum or maximum height requirements other than if there are any overhead obstructions.

8) Can the units be used inside or are they only made for outdoor use?

Our units can be used both indoors and outdoors, subject to there being a sufficient access area and height clearance.

9) How long will it take to make?

We do have units that are ready for immediate dispatch but if we do not have the unit you require already made our normal production time is two weeks, however if you do require the units sooner then we will endeavour to meet your timescale.

10) How long will it take to setup?

Again it depends on which unit you buy and the experience of the people setting it up. The setup time for the majority of our units are between 30-60 minutes and require two people.

11) Are spare parts easily available?

Yes and we can supply all the parts required.