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Bungee Trampoline Sales are part of the group of Companies consisting of Airmax Inflatables Limited and Bouncezone Ireland which have specialised in the Leisure Industry for in excess of twenty five years.

Our Trailer Mounted Bungee Trampolines are designed and built to the very highest SPECIFICATION and come with a 101 page DESIGN REVIEW that was carried out by ADVANCE COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS (ACA).

ACA are based in the UK and are Engineering Consultants that on the ADIPS panel of Engineers certified to carry out Inspections and Design Reviews to the VERY HIGHEST STANDARDS.

It is a legal requirement in the UK that ADIPS Certification is issued on Bungee Trampolines and as their standards are extremely high you can be confident that the units we sell far exceed any inspections/certification/reports that are required in whatever country you wish to use these in.


Suitable for Adults or Children either Indoors or Outdoors



A Few words About Us

Bungeetrampolinesales.com is part of the Airmax LeisureZone Group of Companies which also consists of Airmax Inflatables Limited and Bouncezone Ireland. We have in excess of twenty five years’ experience in the Leisure and Entertainment business and are the largest hirers of Bungee Trampolines in Ireland.

We have used the knowledge and experience we have gained to thoroughly research the World wide Market and are confident that the products we manufacture and sell will stand the test of time and return a trouble-free, sizable return on the initial outlay.

All of our Bungee Trampolines are designed and built to the very highest specification and come with all the relevant Certifications required to be used in the Countries we sell to. Unlike a lot of other sellers we have the Hands-on-Experience to answer any questions or queries you may have no-matter how large or small these may be and we provide this service seven days a week.

We have learned through our own Hire Business to design a robust Trailer that is quick and easy to assemble and use. Assemble time can be as quick as 30 Minutes.

We offer a one stop shop for all Bungee Trampoline parts & accessories so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements if you require anything that isn’t showing in our “Parts Section”.

We offer various different types of Trailer and non-Trailer Mounted Bungee Trampolines so please feel free to contact us with your exact requirements if we are not showing what you are looking for.

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